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The company

The company was initially created as a customs agent for marine industry; subsequently, it developed air, sea, land and logistic services and acquired an important role even in these fields. In addition to the range of services offered to customers, PM have specialized in some of the main world’s vertical markets, such as Marine Industry, Oil and Energy, Photovoltaic market and Project Business market. Find out more


Thanks to our enthusiasm, our team-work and our values, we aim at satisfying all customers looking for quality. We offer dedicated, tailored and attentive services which are fostered by the best technologies as well as emotion and intellectual involvement. These arise from the constant care for details while obtaining the company’s financial efficiency, as well as fulfilment of customers’ needs in terms of efficiency and quality of services offered. Find out more


Priano Marchelli are gaining an increasing success by paying attention to their people with whom they share objectives and financial results achieved. The sharing of objectives and results together with a constant and proactive communication allow us to think in the same way as the customer does. This sharing approach combined with constant communication allows us to think like customer does. On one hand, we have a strategic vision. We are able to imagine and implement large strategies; on the other hand, we keep a personal and direct approach towards the customer: the spirit of our company philosophy leads us to consider our customer as our partner. Find out more


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