Our company philosophy

Our leading value is the search for perfection, that is, passion for excellence. This means devotion towards our work and ethics, as a gradual build-up of values through sustainability, transparency and people empowerment.


Employees at PM are the Heart and Soul of the Company: professional, prepared, enthusiastic and ambitious people. We work consistently and face obstacles with passion and determination; we take care of customers’ interests as if they were ours.
We support large companies, as well as medium and small ones, with the same commitment.
You will never be just a number for us; you will be our CUSTOMER and we will commit ourselves to always meet your needs. Our Company philosophy is: “THE CUSTOMER IS OUR PARTNER”.


We are glad to offer high quality services, at high professionalism. Dimensions of the project or request do not count. We aim at excellence, in order to satisfy our customers. We deeply embrace the Company philosophy, and we represent it with honour.


We are ambitious and tenacious, direct and resolute, enthusiastic and active; we always cherish the opportunity to compete. We grow with challenges, considering them invitations to successful results. We work together as a big group. We want our customers to get used to being satisfied; we set new objectives, orienting our organization at new goals.


We are a family, we are bound by a tacit loyalty and strongly tied with our beliefs. We appreciate devotion at work and are prone to reciprocal support, apart from support to our customers. Our staff is based on integrity. We are sincere among each other and loyal towards our mission.


We deeply believe in our company; the company’s goals are our mission. We work constantly and enthusiastically to face and achieve any goal by trusting each other, supporting and helping.


We are professional, reliable, trustworthy, transparent, honest. Our integrity policy is a necessary fundamental; we aim at spreading it everywhere and require it to our partners and suppliers. Our standards are getting higher; we count on keeping them thanks to transparency in business activities and behavioural ethics.


We are flexible, in line with changes in the current markets which require a constant grow not only in skills but mainly in terms of availability and attention towards customers’ needs, in order to ensure achievement of the utmost results within a suitable technological innovation.