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Priano Marchelli S.p.A., leading company in the market of international freight forwarding, was founded in 1934. Nowadays we have a consolidated experience in the sector, thanks to our team of expert professionals who organize and manage the entire supply chain efficiently and quickly.

The company was initially created as a customs agent for the marine industry; subsequently, it developed air, sea, land transport and logistic services and acquired an important role even in these fields. In addition to the range of services offered to their customers, PM have been specializing in some of the world’s main vertical markets, such as Marine Industry, Oil and Gas, Project and Cargo Business.

Priano Marchelli S.p.A. has selected and developed a Network of international agents sharing the same Vision and Mission, which allow them to operate on a global scale, always focusing on the quality of their services. Thanks to constant attention to the latest technological innovations on the market, we are able to ensure the full traceability of goods and a real-time cost control.

Investment in technology is as important to us as investment on our staff. Our team guarantees maximum reliability and promptness, succeeding in satisfying any request with care and precision, as well as managing every type of logistics process in detail, worldwide.

A successful philosophy

1934, the year etched in Priano Marchelli’s history, is when the company was founded. After more than 80 years, our business experiences an on-going evolution, which has led us to become a reference point for many businesses.  A constant search for excellence and special care of our clients’ needs are our common denominator, in order to guarantee a top quality service.

Values, experience foundations have been consolidated throughout these 80 years; people joining our company are now progressively embracing and innovating them.

No other competitor (expressly referred to our core business) can boast a 80-year know-how with such a solid expertise and culture.

Solid culture means “culture of belonging”: we take care of values and respect towards people. We commit ourselves to spread fundamentals through appropriate communication; we give people a sense of responsibility, leading to motivation and involvement needed to achieve any goal.

All people in PM adopt this culture during daily work; they identify themselves in PM values.

Motivation does not occur artificially on a top-down basis; this is made by every single person who embrace it.

The undoubted success is also due to all department managers acting in frontline; Americans call it “promotion from within”: a sort of training on the job, where values are acquired through daily communication; promotions arise on a bottom-up basis.

We are aware that creating values within a supply chain means creating a valuable supply chain.

Being successful individually is not enough. Results have been achieved so far thanks to a collective synergy in creating an integrated and systemic reality, which is supported by solid ethical and cultural basis.

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