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In order to enrich the working experience of  its collaborators, Priano Marchelli, who deals in international freight forwarding, transportation, customs handling and logistics, has executed a plan for restructuring its historic headquarters in Bolzaneto, Genoa, by significantly expanding its offices. The infrastructural investment involved the entire building and a total area of 7,000 square meters were added.

“The initiative is part of a Priano Marchelli’s decisive development strategy, paralleled with the recent employment of over 60 collaborators introduced in various company departments – explains Priano Marchelli Chief Executive Officer Andrea Giachero -. Our new working location is a symbol of the energy and sense of sharing we are imprinting within the company. The new space disposition and arrangement will simplify communication between colleagues, who will be able to interact and fully grow in team spirit”.

Giachero underlines: “We are confident these significant investments will be the key to success for a service company such as ours. Our goal is that of organizing, simplifying and accelerating not only activities which usually take quite long to be performed, but also rationalizing spaces according to our business growth”.

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