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If it is true that a company can be judged by the people it employs, Priano Marchelli S.p.A. is demonstrating that it is forward-looking. In the last two years, the international shipping, transport, customs and logistics company has hired more than 60 new recruits employed in the various corporate areas.

In step with the new input, training has become a cornerstone of the corporate strategy, as the Chief Executive Officer of Priano Marchelli, Andrea Giachero confirms:

“We want to create value within the supply chain. To achieve this objective, time must be dedicated to the training of the personnel, only in this way can standards and protocols be created and, at the same time, have collaborators available who can guarantee the necessary operational flexibility in a market in continuous development”.

A strategy that culminates in “Lean thinking”, with investments aimed at optimising the costs and processes: “Against the trend compared to the Italian system, which is marked by a lack of job security, so not directed at the economic growth of the country, Priano Marchelli has hired more than 60 people in two years, with an average age of around 34. A real breath of fresh air in the company. We are proud to be able to count on a team of more than a hundred young collaborators and obtain great results thanks to the professionalism and determination that is daily demonstrated by the personnel,” concluded Giachero.

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