Priano Marchelli project cargo

Services offered by Priano Marchelli include transport of Project Cargo & Heavy lift. The “Project” is a complex mix of different and various activities which are managed through a customized and efficient organization.

During plant construction, which may include regular sea or air transport, transport of containers, turbines and/or complete marine diesel engines, every single activity has its considerable importance!

Our goal does not change. We are aware this can be achieved for any company we work with, thanks to professional performance, appropriate costs, precise deliveries and extreme security.

Services offered include:

  • Issuing of all documents
  • Planning of logistics and related transport of a project
  • Constant monitoring of all shipments on a door-to-door basis thanks to our network
  • Renting services (aircrafts and FCL depending on the type of goods to be carried, urgency level and final destination)
  • Land, sea and air shipments, tranship services, storage services and distribution
  • Customs operations
  • All-risk insurances
  • IT support with personalized solutions for a rationalized management of all deliveries, “tracking and tracing web based” service
  • Great flexibility in finding solutions in compliance with continuous evolution and critical aspects a long-term project can show

Priano Marchelli can offer final customers a complete service. We can offer both Heavy lift and Project Shipping. As a result, a single contact, less interfaces, reduction in costs and global management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions?

The mandate must be transmitted to the shipper in writing or by electronic means of communication. If it is only verbalized or by telephone, the sender is liable for risks relating to incorrect or incomplete information, whilst the shipper does not receive a written confirmation of the mandate.

The mandate must contain all the data necessary for its normal execution, such as notice of goods which are regulated (for example: dangerous goods) or otherwise require special treatment.

The content of documents attached to the mandate is not an integral part of it, unless explicitly declared by the sender.

Goods whose end-use is uncertain, high-duty goods and fixed quota goods may be temporarily stored without being cleared through customs or taxed.

A free zone may be used for this purpose. The free customs zone is managed by private entities, are of public nature and are accessible to any interested party.

With customs authorization, goods can be subject to certain manipulations; for goods in transit (reshipment in the EU) limitative provisions apply.

Delivery terms can only be guaranteed in written form. It must indicate at least the last delivery date and the related commission surcharge.

If the sender must not be informed of the actual destination of the goods, or if the recipient does not need to know the origin, this must be expressly stated in writing to the shipper.

If the recipient orders the shipper to ship the goods to a third party, the shipper will not reveal to the third party the name of the first sender or the origin of the goods, even without a particular request to do so. However, the shipper will remove the label of origin only upon written request.

The shipper provides transport insurance only upon the express written request of the sender. Its function is limited to procuring the appropriate transport insurance.

If the charge generically requires the stipulation of a transport insurance, the shipper stipulates an against all risks insurance. If this is not possible or if there is lack of clarity on the extent of coverage, the shipper will clarify this point with the sender.


We work with the world’s largest companies providing a full range of transport services and customizable logistics solutions, in order to ensure the best combination of quality products and satisfy every need expressed by our customers.


A long-standing experience in the global market and our widespread network of partners in ports and airports all over the world are the starting points for developing the innovation required by the sector.


Promptness and efficiency for any type of service are always guaranteed. From simple logistic operations and delivery by land to air, sea transports up to our special services. Our team supports the customer through continuous assistance, by sharing their passion to support their business.