Genoa's Maritime Success: New Records with Cruise and Ferry Traffic

The picturesque city of Genoa sets the stage once again for an imperative dialogue on the intersection of ships, technology, and the environment. The eighth edition of the “Shipowners and Shipbuildings” Forum, organized by Il Secolo XIX, The MediTelegraph, and TTM (Tecnologie Trasporti Mare), is poised to delve into the pressing challenges and promising opportunities facing the maritime industry in its quest for sustainability

Stazioni Marittime Spa, under the leadership of Alberto Minoia, proudly announces the approval of its 2023 financial report, signaling another prosperous year in managing ferry and cruise traffic in the historic port of Genoa.

“December marked an unprecedented year for Stazioni Marittime S.p.A.,” emphasized a company statement. The terminal, overseen by the Msc Group and involving Costa Cruises, Moby, and the Municipality of Genoa, witnessed remarkable growth.

Reviewing the total data for cruises and ferries, 2023 saw 4,048,777 passengers passing through the Port of Genoa compared to 3,256,294 in 2022, marking a notable increase of 24.34%. Cruise passengers surged by 57.11%, while ferry passengers saw an 8.05% rise, with significant increases noted in traffic to Sardinia, Corsica, and North Africa.

Stazioni Marittime attributes its success to a production value exceeding €29 million, representing an 18.54% increase over 2022, with a cash flow of approximately €7.7 million. Notably, 2023 set historic records in total volumes and cruise passengers, surpassing previous benchmarks by significant margins.

Looking ahead to 2024, forecasts anticipate a modest 2-3% increase in ferry traffic and approximately 1.5 million cruise passengers from 307 calls, indicating continued growth and resilience in the maritime industry.

Priano Marchelli