Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future - Cover

The picturesque city of Genoa sets the stage once again for an imperative dialogue on the intersection of ships, technology, and the environment. The eighth edition of the “Shipowners and Shipbuildings” Forum, organized by Il Secolo XIX, The MediTelegraph, and TTM (Tecnologie Trasporti Mare), is poised to delve into the pressing challenges and promising opportunities facing the maritime industry in its quest for sustainability. Scheduled to commence May 28th at 9:30 am and culminate at 1:00 pm, the event will take place at the Auditorium of the Acquario.

With a lineup featuring esteemed figures such as Mario Zanetti, President of Confitarma, and Stefano Messina, President of Assarmatori, alongside representatives from maritime companies, ports, institutions, universities, and the navalmeccanica industry, the forum promises a comprehensive exploration of the most pertinent topics in the national shipping arena.

The agenda is marked by two pivotal sessions:

  • Sailing Towards Zero Emissions: Opportunities and Obstacles in Maritime Transportation

As the global imperative for decarbonization intensifies, the maritime sector finds itself at a critical juncture. Industry leaders will engage in a multifaceted discussion on the strategies, technologies, and policy frameworks essential for steering the maritime industry towards a greener horizon. From regulatory compliance to innovative propulsion systems, participants will dissect the complexities of achieving emission-free shipping while balancing economic viability and environmental stewardship.

  • From Vision to Implementation: Models for Sustainable Port Infrastructure

While visions of sustainability abound, translating them into actionable projects requires collaborative and innovative approaches. The second session will spotlight exemplary models of sustainable port development, emphasizing the integration of renewable energy, smart logistics, and eco-friendly infrastructure. Through case studies and expert insights, attendees will gain valuable perspectives on navigating the intricacies of building resilient and environmentally responsible port facilities.

In an era defined by unprecedented environmental challenges and the imperative for sustainable development, the 8th Shipowners and Shipbuildings Forum stands as a beacon of enlightenment and collaboration. By fostering dialogue, sharing best practices, and catalyzing partnerships, the forum endeavors to chart a course towards a more sustainable and prosperous maritime future.

Priano Marchelli