Genoa_hosts_the_Italian Export_Forum

On 19 April, in the evocative scenario of Palazzo ‘Antonio Doria’, which houses the Metropolitan City and the GenoaPrefecture, an important meeting for the Italian economic scene it’s been held. Civil and Military Institutions, Territorial and National Enterprises will meet to discuss and deepen a topic of fundamental importance: ‘Geopolitics, Logistics and Transport for Foreign Trade. What and how to export in times of crisis?

Prominent figures such as the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Genoa Nicola Piacente, the Prefect of Genoa Cinzia Torraco, the Vice President of the X Commission for Productive Activities at the Chamber of Deputies Ilaria Cavo, and illustrious representatives of the business world such as Augusto Cosulich of Fratelli Cosulich spa, Stefano Messina of Ignazio Messina Spa, Claudio Andrea Gemme President of Fincantieri Infrastrutture, Riccardo Maria Monti President of Italferr, and Carlo Nocerino Public Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio, and Daniele Rossi President of the North-Eastern Adriatic Sea Port Authority, gives this event unparalleled importance in the debate on Italian foreign trade.

The Export Forum chose the magnificent City of Doria, an authentic pearl of the Mediterranean and a crucial node for economic development, as the ideal location for this discussion. President Zurino expressed his satisfaction at seeing such illustrious participants gathered together, highlighting the Forum’s increasingly consolidated role as the main Think Tank on Foreign Trade in Italy.

President Toti emphasised the positive trend of the Ligurian economy, with a 50% increase in exports over the last four years, higher than the national and North West averages, thanks also to investments in port infrastructures such as the Genoa sub-port tunnel and the Terzo Valico.

Mayor Bucci emphasised the strategic importance of logistics and ports for international trade, stressing the need for a systemic vision and close cooperation between all actors involved.

Augusto Cosulich, owner of Fratelli Cosulich Spa, shared his successful experience in the export sector, emphasising the importance of clear rules and certainties to encourage entrepreneurs to make the necessary investments. He highlighted how the Cosulich Group has contributed to Italian exports by exporting its logistics know-how to 27 countries, underlining the importance of a strong Italian identity rooted in an international context.

The event represented a unique opportunity to establish a solid collaboration between institutions and entrepreneurs, with the hope of fostering greater cooperation and synergy in the export sector. Genoa, with its strategic role in the Italian port scene, confirms itself as a centre of exchange and comparison for the future of Italian foreign trade.

The Export Forum in Genoa marks an important step towards growth and innovation in the sector, offering valuable insights to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the global market.

Priano Marchelli